Imaging Solutions’ services begin with a comprehensive analysis of a client’s current publishing workflow. Processes like data entry, storage and retrieval are evaluated with the clients’ production goals in mind. Often, these goals include the creation of various materials such as data sheets, catalogs and websites.

After gathering and evaluating all of the relevant information, we design a customized system, which will significantly improve the efficiency of the publishing workflow. This system may involve the use of new or existing databases, deployment of new software, and the development of custom applications.

Once the blueprint is drawn, we build the actual system using the appropriate technologies. We harness the power of AppleScript to support the system and connect all the components in order to automate the publishing workflow. When possible, the new system is rolled out in phases, with training provided at every step.

Once the system is deployed, we provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure maximum return on the client’s investment. Accessible and always reliable, we are often able to accommodate quick changes or updates to the system in person or remotely.

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